Such progressive and you may proceeded change ensure it is ritual bones spatulas becoming categorized into really-defined items

Study of per sample excavated throughout the various other tombs have and therefore enabled me to determine the relative standing of any tomb within the the overall chronology of Xibeigang. The fresh new spatulas using this tomb is higher decorated specimens, which have numerous themes carved from inside the rescue. The new west ramp away from tomb 1550 slices new southern area ramp off tomb 1001 (Shape step 1), thus recommending one to 1001 pre-dates 1550. The fresh spatulas of tomb 1550 nevertheless include higher decorated specimens, nevertheless the build themes come in shallower rescue (Shape 3b).

Tomb 1443 produced jade artefacts relationship on the Middle Shang months, while tomb 50WGM1 yielded bronze factors matchmaking towards Yinxu I phase

Brand new eastern and southern area ramps regarding tomb 1004 slice the northern and west ramps (respectively) out of tomb 1001 (Contour step one). Highest coated spatulas try absent away from tomb 1004, in addition to structure themes of the spatulas out of this tomb try reduced higher level and you can compliment in their execution than that tomb 1550 (Shape 3b). Tomb 1004 are ergo probably developed shortly after tomb 1550.

Tomb 1003 is probably created after tomb 1004, while the spatulas is actually flatter inside cross-section, the main design points have been in shallower rescue together with background for the design industries try leftover unfilled (Contour 3b). These types of change indicate a further simplification off framework.

Tomb 1002 was most likely built just after tomb 1003, just like the head theme of the record to the construction areas (spirals) starts to be replaced of the parallel outlines (Contour 3b). In tomb 1500 this new spiral motifs have been replaced from the sets of parallel lines, indicating it absolutely was built immediately after 1002.

New north ramp of tomb 1217 overlaps brand new south ramp out of tomb 1500, in addition to spatulas from this tomb keeps incised range habits that have zero save elements (Shape 3b)bined, which facts signifies that tomb 1217 try later than both tombs 1002 and you will 1500, putting it at the end of the complete cemetery sequence (with the exception of incomplete tomb 1576).

Which investigation suggests that tomb 1001 is the eldest regarding series (Shape 3b)

The available facts implies that tomb 1400 (Contour step 1) was centered involving the construction from tombs 1550 and you can 1004. The fresh new tan vessels excavated off tomb 1400 date towards the Yinxu II stage (Namba Resource Namba [Uchida] 1990, Site Namba [Uchida] 1995a & Resource Namba [Uchida] b; IA CASS 1994; discover and the OSM), whereas new vessels away from tomb 1001 day with the late Yinxu We stage while the vessels away from tomb 1550 big date to the Yinxu II stage. People away from tomb 1400, but not, display screen attributes chronologically later on than those off tomb 1550 (pick along with the OSM). That it further suggests that tomb 1400 are created shortly after tomb 1550. It should also be added one a tan halberd and you can an excellent Gu boat out-of tomb 1004 big date regarding the late Yinxu II stage (Namba Reference Namba [Uchida] 1990, Reference Namba [Uchida] 1995a & Source Namba [Uchida] b; find also the OSM).

Tombs 1129, 1443 and you can 50WGM1 (that may represent this new royal tombs out-of about three Middle Shang kings), found in the east 1 / 2 of the fresh new cemetery, simply have a couple ramps linked to the northern and you will southern edges of head burial pit (Shape step one). Tomb 1129 don’t produce people datable artefacts. Which proof implies that these tombs draw the beginning of this new the means to access it venue given that an excellent cemetery to possess high-positions anybody. The incomplete character of tomb 1576 as well as location on the middle from a group out of other regal tombs shows that it scratching the end of the utilization of the location because the good regal cemetery. Such inferences therefore create the sequence

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