Par has been appropriated by the public motions, we constantly manage the new communities having fun with you to definitely methodology

“We need to end up being self-important. .. .. I have not analyzed it, but we know off compas [comrades] who possess … and is on a dialogue of your teachers to your groups … was indeed the newest focus is positioned as to what town reveals” (Posada, letter.d.).

Several other of one’s researchers claims that Par has been engrossed given that a fundamental repertoire of practices that’s consciously put and also get to be the widespread cure for manage organizations:

“We work in a subject-to-topic relationship, What i’m saying is, despite the fact that we were powering the method, we made an effort to continue to keep an open place off horizontal interaction, one of means, maybe not a straight design in which we might was basically the spokespeople in addition to neighborhood mere recipients. By doing this, a portion of the people within procedure had been both groups and you can us” (Torres, letter.d.).

We have maybe not read about Level, however in behavior we have always put its strategies and you will strategy, therefore usually mention what we manage as the Level

Theoretically, this is most of the very quick. In practice, yet not, using a level endeavor can be riddled having dilemmas and you can tensions. So you’re able to assess the genuine practice of Level regarding perspective out-of agrarian movements for the Colombia today ourtime, we’re going to concentrate on the work done in a few municipalities, Pradera and Tulua, that are the main ZRC enterprise.

This is really needed because the individuals will getting employed by the latest whole big date and so they are unable to go back home for supper

Usually, in order to carry out the research, your regional part of agrarian partnership would phone call all of the fresh neighbors for the an excellent corregimiento to have a conference to your a specific time. Conferences commonly continue for a complete day, a variety of reasons: people need to stroll a lot of time ranges, either hours, to reach the latest hallway and/or place where the appointment is taking place. As well as, by really characteristics of your work in the fresh countryside, where version of jobs can go into the all day, when one to requires a day regarding, or a couple of hours actually, it function through the day was destroyed and another has so you’re able to re-plan the fresh daily chores for the next big date. Always, the new group meetings was organized having you to introduction by members of the fresh new relationship as well as the local activist, whom give an explanation for significance of the work are done and you can upcoming move on to present this new people in the study group, exactly who upcoming explain the strategy for usage at the time. Then group is split up into shorter teams so that discussion which means that it works before time ends up. In between, there is certainly a rest to possess poultry otherwise beef soups (sancocho) and also to take in an excellent murky-coloured take in considering boiled unrefined glucose (agua de panela). Also, this type of solutions are not just spaces to have governmental empowerment and you may combined reflection, they’re also essential socialising situations regarding life of the new community.

The new methodology with the style of look are built around the explore of personal cartography along with discover and you can partial-structured concerns to your categories of people. The fresh new social cartography in it inquiring town to explain brand new territorial space of one’s corregimiento taking into account around three dimensions which needed to get graphically portrayed: socio-cheaper, environment and you may energetic. For this activity, the many sub-teams got a massive blank paper and this merely had very first situations off source: the new boundaries of your own corregimiento, an effective hamlet (caserio), a main lake and you will a main roadway. In some times, the blank report with a few things regarding site is recognized as hard to focus on of the users, exactly who turned the fresh new papers so you’re able to start its public cartography off scrape.

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