He likes food and has actually a large appetite

Yukito Tsukishiro (?? ??, Tsukishiro Yukito) was a fictional character for the CLAMP’s cartoon and you may manga collection Cardcaptor Sakura. Yukito are Touya Kinomoto’s sweetheart and that is the initial object off Sakura Kinomoto’s love.

He is this new humanoid alter-ego of Yue, the second and you may past Protector of the 50-four Clow/Sakura Cards as well as their more youthful this new domme. Syaoran Li ports good smash into your for some time, which is situated in their subconscious mind appeal in order to Yue’s extremely good lunar wonders.


The latest characters into the Yukito’s given title (??) imply “snow-rabbit”. Brand new letters within his surname (??) imply “moon-castle”. Chinese folklore tells out-of a bunny on the moonlight with his alter-pride, Yue, are of moon. In mention of their surname, this could additionally be a reference to the proven fact that Yukito are Yue’s not true function; essentially a beneficial “castle”. Tsukishiro could also be translated because tsuki (moon) and you may shiro (white).


Yukito possess brown eyes and you can gray locks, tend to parted unofficially. They have highest game cups, giving your a beneficial scholarly physical appearance. While he is frequently found in their college or university uniform, he is able to also be viewed dressed in inside the casual gowns, particularly trousers and you may a good hooded sweatshirt.


Yukito’s ever present look is actually proof of his form and soft nature. Yukito are flaccid-spoken, however, is apparently very popular. He or she is a runner somewhat, cooks, bakes, they are a jack-of-all-trades. Tsukishiro ‘s the object out of both Sakura and you may Syaoran’s adoration. But not, it is said someplace in the 3rd year you to Yukito’s real setting Yue is unable to eat. This suggests that the need Yukito keeps for example a huge appetite due to the fact he or she is restaurants for two. Nearby the avoid of your own series, it’s shown you to Yue are shedding his electricity there is a robust opportunity that he will disappear, therefore Yukito must consume five times as much than usual. Yukito told you “I consume and you can eat and you will consume, however, I’m never ever complete. ” and you will feels very frail, that is a giant care and attention on the success away from besides Yue however, Yukito themselves.

Clow Cards Arch

Throughout the most of the fresh new Clow Card arch, Yukito seemed as the Touya’s friend and perform accompany your and you can Sakura to college. When Sakura first started this lady journey to recapture the fresh new cards, she went to the your several times for the section this new cards was indeed hiding in, or prior to she is actually meeting to find the cards. Surprisingly, he failed to hunt troubled of the Sakura’s unusual conduct and manage merely shrug it off, promising to store whatever she is to a key. Though up against a number of the unusual events around town, the guy looked unfazed by using it, probably due to subconscious impacts off Yue. A few of the Clow cards along with searched familiar with his true nature and you can would prevent assaulting him as he was up to.

Just like the show developed therefore the Last View appeared closer, Yue’s energy perform from time to time flare and you may bleed upon Yukito while in the a full moonlight. If you are Yukito themselves is actually unchanged through this, it introduced unusual effects towards the individuals to your. Sakura handed out within the full moon if the couples were into the good scavenger see. Other protector Cerberus carry out sporadically sense Yue, but due to the fact Miss Mizuki rencontres échangistes en ligne owned Moonlight concept magic, the guy mistook their into not the case variety of Yue. Miss Mizuki, however, was fully aware there clearly was something else entirely from the Yukito, and you may will give understated suggestions so you’re able to him, even in the event he did not hook onto this lady habits.

Sakura Cards Arc

As the a home economics project, Sakura generated a teddy-bear. It had been decided you to definitely she’d provide in order to Yukito, not ahead of Eriol Hiiragizawa assisted end up they. Whenever Sakura passed him this new incur, it glowed which have a red light, following Yukito fainted, together with incur grew so you can a rapid dimensions. Sakura is forced to changes another card so you’re able to prevent they.

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