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263 ABHYUDAYA CO -O P. Financial LTD. (Multiple – S:a:elizabeth Booked Lender) iilidraw ais D cp(»itv BalniiLV r m Si^::letter ^ Yards elizabeth feet ib elizabeth rs h ip N o. _ (Typical / Nominal) Almost every other Facts TL^.iNGS: K’– – t ” ‘ – ^DRNLVG;8.0D * r you *. Amour Factory dato * T’. 0 – ^ Loan No.; (Due to the fact an effective Loanee) Loan Zero.: (Once the a Surety) jeikt fil’uress, ; t LfiR.hAt-Jri; S^ORE C’p.n^. rw ‘Ip T. S, – -, s.. we eleven. iir.-.c, I ;. VL V Score Pass-Publication current on a regular basis. Utii’se ncminafion studio. Don’t put signature anyplace with the Citation-Publication In the event that a solution-Book was tost or rotten a duplicate P butt Guide tend to t>age provided facing ctiarges. We welcxime the suggestion. v’ /.

264 Election Fee out of India vm?rf5ig3^3mmt IDENTfTVCARD jrfrwmsf MT,^)7/0,47/ Elector’s Label: Pawar Subhash Father s/mother s/ Husband s Name Sex Meters age roentgen Many years since the to your Yaiappa JTtTOT 27 we cuatro Target H -32A zad Cluster Mi-Md. N’ehruNagar, K«rla(E) Bombay-24 ^-thirty two I / we j t – Electoral 047Chembur An effective ssem J^o n ^ra OATH. PUce/ -step one ChemBur ^.. i/11fllk-they ‘


265 (ftf. ^ ) (Fin. R. Form N>. ^ ^ ^^3 me. ^ ORIGINAL COPY ( NOT TRANSFERABLE J st?t!n^ ^-?f«receipt FOR PAYMENT TO GOVpRNffENT > % fe^ft/piace. v C V A ^ ^ ^ i r i ^ O a t c. \ > \. ;. ncm ct\cu Troir;. ^^^S>Vy’ \^CX \ V ^. 5-/R S-. ; on account o f. ^. C.. t V ^ ^ \ L M a ^ l («^/S ig n a tu re y j j j ^ Cashier or Accountant i\/269 (P3TR>/ C ertificate No Form” 5 3TITO? GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA HEALTH DEPARTMENT 3I?I5I^umf?ra)T MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF GREATER MUMBAI 3Jr^ WOTWSr DEATH CERTIFICATE ( 3? ^ ^ cl 3 J F 5? ^ / t l 3 3 T T f^ 3 ^ T t ^ ^ o o o i f f^tjmch-i 3T ^ ancr arr^,) (Issued under section 12/1? of the Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969 and Rule 8/13 of the Maharashtra Registration of Births and Deaths Rules, 2000.) 3?Tt: tsr, arrcft arf^:, ^ Ward 3 ^ ^ 3Tl r This is to certify that the following information has been taken from the original record of death which is the register for Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai of Ward L of D istrict Miiinbai of Maharashtra State. JTRT/ Full Name of Deceased : MR. RAJU D, GAIPCWAD Date of Death : n^ srm/ Name of Mother 3TO EZTcRfrcir Not Available, IHT/ Address of deceased at the time of death EKTA CO-OP HOUSING, SOCIETY, R.331,NEHRU NAGAR,, KURAL (E), MUMBAI, , Maharashtra,India. fpfrz Sex : Male fectw/ Place of Death : MUMBAI Name of Father/ Husband : MR. DADA R, GAIKWAD cjtekfryr zpnmw ttrti/ Permanant Address of deceased : EKTA CO-OP HOUSING,SOCIETY, R.331,NEHRU NAGAR,, KURAL (E), MUMBAI, , Maharashtra,India.?t7T/ Remarks (if any) : tcj^ir^/»/rc V^-,’ Dafe of Issje : > f$mw/ Sea. f^dicb/ Date of Registration : fm te a r t e r – ^ r i T f r Signature of the Issuing Authority grf?m-zntjr ^m/ Address of the issuing authority : WardL,Mumbai. c i t y o f t h i s c e r t i f i c a t e r^llst bfe v e r i f i e d fro m o u r w e b s it e h t t p. //p o i. L-vi ‘”crcrm q o i

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