The 3rd inform you begins and Atlas, Merritt, and you may Henley appear on the fresh rooftop

They jump-off this new roof and you will shower their fans with currency again. not, the bucks turns out are fake. The genuine funds from the safe got all of the been caught inside the vehicle off Thaddeus Bradley, good debunker just who exposes the techniques from magicians. Bradley is actually arrested and you will Dylan visits him inside the cellphone. Dylan up coming reveals himself due to the fact 5th Horsemen. He had been helping the Horsemen with regards to procedures and then he had put her or him together with her and you may developed the serves.

Atlas, Merritt, and you will Henley to meet Jack ,that has faked their dying, inside the Central Playground. Each of them place its tarot cards together with her also it looks like getting a switch toward Eye, a miraculous business. Dylan matches with him or her and he embraces all four out-of these to the interest.

So now you Get a hold of Me personally dos

Atlas visits the interest, proclaiming that they are tiredN away from waiting around for tips of Dylan. They are covering up for over a year and he desires to behave. Later, Atlas returns domestic and you will discovers good magician entitled Lula Can get indeed there. She reveals that she understands all about the brand new Five Horsemen and next pretends to possess this lady lead take off. Later, Dylan demonstrates that she actually is the fresh new member of the brand new Four Horsemen, substitution Henley. Dylan gives them a project to return concise and you may introduce corrupt business person Owen Circumstances, whoever the fresh application covertly steals studies into its pages getting Case’s work for.

The fresh let you know was avoided in the event the lights shut down and good face demonstrates that Jack is still live hence Dylan was the new 5th Horsemen. Atlas, Merritt, Jack, and you may Lula most of the go to the rooftop and you may fall off a beneficial tubing that was meant to cause them to a getaway bus. Their men promote the fresh Five Horsemen to an establishing in which they get a hold of Walter Mabry waiting for them. He shows you how they were taken to China and you may says one they need to discount a computing product that’s the secret to each desktop on the planet. It actually was called the “stick”. Jack, Merritt, and Lula refuse, but Atlas agrees since the in the usa, these people were crooks, in Asia, they could go unrecognized.

Brand new Four Horsemen successfully steal brand new stick, concealing they on the back of a gaming cards. Meanwhile, Dylan springs Thaddeus off prison and Thaddeus says to your your Horsemen have been in Macau. Each goes truth be told there and you can Atlas tells Dylan that he is not necessarily the frontrunner of one’s Horsemen any further while the guy planned to help him or her, he would get off. Walter faces Atlas and tells your to give him new stick. Atlas declines and you will Dylan holds your. The guy requires the adhere from Atlas and you may shoves your from the doorway. Although not, Atlas later is at into the his pouch and notices which he however has got the stick.

Walter’s guys just take Dylan in addition they put him in the safe in which their dad passed away. It miss the newest safe in the water, assured one to Dylan manage drown and pass away in the same way their dad did. However, Dylan could probably select lock and you can refrain the fresh new safe just as they fulfills up with liquids. Atlas leaps for the and you can provides him on the facial skin, saving his lifetime. Dylan explains that he took new adhere of Atlas while the guy threw Atlas out the door, he slipped it back into his pocket. He, new Five Horsemen, Li, and you may Bu Bu synergy for taking Walter off.

However, it end in Pursue McKinney, are waiting around for her or him

All of them set up procedures around London. Atlas does a trick and he comes to an end this new rain regarding pouring, freezing they in the mid-sky. The guy makes it go up and you can back to regular. The guy afterwards suggests that the key are done with rain machines and you can strobe lighting and says to the viewers to keep in mind exactly how the guy did the trick to your final. He, Lula, Dylan, Jack, and you may Merritt try later seized and put into Walter’s jet. They jeopardize to kill Lula, and Atlas next gets him the fresh stick. The five of those is actually trashed of flat and is allegedly killed. But, they understand the Horsemen aside their airplane window.

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