How do we reduce Plastic Waste in our City/Town?

Plastic pollution can have harmful effects on the land, rivers and oceans by affecting wildlife and habitat, but also on human health. How to reduce plastic waste?

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Archit Khandelwal
From ‘Destruction’ to ‘Construction’
We consider plastics as a destroyer nowadays; however, this plastic can be used to build the much needed homes and schools in our country.
A US based company in collaboration with UNICEF recently developed a sample brick using waste plastic. And on testing, this brick proved to be 100 times more durable than the traditional brick we’ve been using since years. This is because, both the types of plastic- thermosetting and thermosets, are made of hydrocarbons- whose bonds are very difficult to break.

Plastics are resistible to basic environmental damage, like rain, moisture, wind, etc. Also they can easily be compressed and be moulded into different shapes. And most importantly, the property of plastic which is the most problematic for us in today’s world- that they can’t be environmentally degraded, is the main player here, as bricks which won’t degrade, will make stronger structures.

The making of these bricks is quite a simple task. The collected plastic has to be heated up a little and then put into a compressor, where some amount of sand is to be added in. This compressor mixes the sand and plastic and in a box of specific dimensions (of the brick), the compressor will try to fit in as much compressed plastic it can. The bricks when then be left to cool. And our plastic is ready.

These bricks which will be made from plastic will be 20% lighter, 40% cheaper and will also be water proof; which solves the problem of dripping ceilings in houses. This solution will definitely solve the problem of waste plastic and also, help in making cheap homes and schools for the poor.

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Padhmalakshmi S
Be a part of the SOLUTION not the POLLUTION

Recently US has discovered an efficient way of food packaging which can be used as an alternate source of plastic. The food packaging material is made of milk proteins which is also edible. This material has alos proved to be a convinient method for preservation of foodstuff rather than using of plastic.

Converting waste plastics into fuels by means of combustion into kerosene, petrol or diesel. Emissions are obviously a part of combustion. But emissions have significantly been proved to have less toxic emissions than that of the existing fuels.

Rishikaa Krishna
Plastic Monster
1.Plastic monster is a modern dustbin. Since most of places that we visit on a normal day has a person outside who checks the bags before letting. While checking the bag if any plastic item is found it will be put into plastic monster. The people who volunteerly throw plastic in the plastic monster before checking will get an reward even a small round of applause would do. Would they do it for an applause? Elders may not but kids will for sure. And encourage thier parents and elder siblings to do the same.

  1. People are dumping plastic cover and bottles in road because there is no proper place to throw it. This plastic monster will reduce the plastic waste thrown on roads.

Haritha H
We can place gaming machine at a most crowded place. In that game plastic must kept as entry coin for the game.once plastic is put inside it the machine operates and gives a gifts with a card indicating the effects of using plastics. Awareness must be provided among people about the effects of plastic. People using plastic in the public place must be punished by the government mainly fine amount must be allotted. Thus plastic can be reduced.

Sriram K
Hemp & Sugarcane fibre plastics
The idea is to create a new type of plastic that is bio degradable and made of HEMP AND SUGARCANE FIBER PLASTICS as a permanent and effective alternative of the current harmful plastics.

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