How do we encourage people to sign up for organ donation?

One can signup for organ donation to legally allow their organs to be donated after their demise. How do we encourage people to sign-up for this organ donation drive?

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Step 2 – Ideation

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Dhivya22 Jerusalem
Your organ could be someone’s missing piece
Increase the insurance amount limit if the person needs double the limit amount they should signup for organ donation post demise.

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Priyadharshini Gandeeban
Awareness, Ads and Subsidies

  • Free annual health check up for people who sign up for organ donation for government.
  • Subsidies in medical expenses from governments side.
  • Sharing and advertising success organ.

Roshan B
A day when people related to the donar family get together with the receiver. It is a day like thanksgiving or diwali when families get together and cherish these moments.

Kashish Bilandi
Barter system
Register themselves for the organ donation after their demise. In the future if someone from their family needs an organ, they will be provided by the govt at higher priority.

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