How do we optimize/save water consumed at our homes?

In India, more than 50% of regions face water shortages. Cities like Chennai face acute water shortage every summer, and people end up buying expensive Water tankers during summer.

How do we ensure that water is not wasted, and is used optimally at our homes?

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Dhivya22 Jerusalem
smart water saver
The problem now most of the people are facing water scarcity. Our idea is just a small initiative for this problem. Our idea is to fix a digital water meter that records the outflow of water and sends information via wireless to smart water savers. In smart water saver, the standard consumption limit for family members are pre-fixed in that, it will automatically customize the standard water consumption limit as per weather temperature. If any guest suddenly comes to our house, there will be in need of more water, in this case, it has a facility to add extra liters of water in need this can be used at exemption cases. There will be an intimation given through mobile phones if add on option is frequently used. The weekly and monthly summary will be updated in our app which gives notification on the smartphone. Those who consume lesser than the limit throughout the year will get higher bonus points and get awarded at the end of the year. These bonus points will be updated every month in the smart water saver app. This will be monitored constantly. There is even an alarm facility provided if the standard level is crossed.

Sushanth Raghavendra Ps
Recycle Water Tank
Major Domestic Water Consumption activities include Washing Clothes, vessel cleaning, and Bathing. Such water is recycled using a small scale cost-efficient water treatment plant and stored in a recycled tank. The water from the recycled tank being connected to toilet flushes and external taps will enable the recycled water to be used for outdoor cleaning, Car/ Bike washing, Bathroom cleaning, Terrace cleaning, Watering plants. The excess water from the recycled tank is connected to Rainwater Harvesting so that groundwater is replenished.

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Archit Khandelwal
Best out of RO waste
The RO which all of us have installed at our homes wastes too much water. This water only has one problem- it has too many salts in it. If we are able to treat these salts, we can use this water. The following is the way to do so – The waste water coming out of the RO should be collected in a tank. In this tank, we will plant a bed of Azolla plant which is an aquatic macrophyte and absorbs the salts like Fe, NI, Co, Cu, Pb, Sn, etc. from the water. This process takes about two hours. The water will then be passes into another tank containing moringa seeds, which help in killing the bacteria, in any in the water. After this, the water will be passes through activated powered charcoal which will absorb the odour and colour of water, if any. Activated charcoal also acts as extra layer for filtering of salts too!

Priyadharshini Gandeeban
Municipality Controlled Water Meter
The people who can afford water must also know its Importance, and to do this, the municipality must distribute water meters to homes that can be attached to overhead water tanks to know the consumption. If the consumption is beyond per-capita demand as issued by the government, consumers need to pay for extra usage. This money can be used by the municipality to get water for the people who are scarce of it. Setting limits will ensure the reuse and optimization of water.

Deepika Ramesh
Ideas to save water

  1. We can use “Water Meter” this indicates the people how they used water per day, it helps to detect “WATER LEAKS” in the distribution network.
  2. The 3 Waste Water is removed from every house
  3. The waste water management is described in detail.

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