How do we enable new market access to Rural entrepreneurs & products?

Rural products of India are yet to get their share of limelight. How do we increase the market reach for those products made in rural India?

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Raahule M
Aatmanirbhar india
Rural India competitions can be held in national and state levels to promote their innovations. They can be funded by MNCs for better innovation and reach. The app can comprise of all this.

Kalai Selvan
Smart Ways to Improve Rural Markets and Entrepreneurs
Stimulation, Counseling, Assistance, Marketing, Loans and Tax, Entrepreneurship, Online Trade

Gift Hamper Winners

Sriram K
Network Marketing
The idea is that a network marketing system is formed where people are expected to join in the network by investing initial amount.

Sanjay Balagopal


A city wide event can be conducted, as a startup fest, featuring only the startups of various rural entrepreneurs and their various products and company information in stalls or booths.

Tamil Selvan T S
Online Platform For Rural Products
The important one I believe the most to build a online platform for farmers where they can directly sell what they produced eliminating the middle men and hoarding,give complete benefits to the farmer.

Lokhitha Bobby
One should focus on developing a long-term relationship with their customers, this can be done by providing them efficient, reliable and consistent services, the goods should be cost effective as well as the quality should be the best as compared to other such goods in the market.

Roshan B
The idea is to host a reality TV show in which different people from different walks of life come to one place ( like bigg boss house )and live the same life only with rural products (food and daily usables).

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