How do we facilitate people to have a healthy body and a strong mind to embrace life?

It is very essentially to take care of our physical health, increase our immunity levels and stay fit with good BMI (Body Mass Index). It is equally important to have a strong mind, good will power and a high emotional quotient to enjoy the journey of life. How can we facilitate people to achieve these goals?

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Kashish Bilandi
Advertisement of make up and fairness cream with Sudarshan krdiya/yoga
Sudarshan kriya is the best therapy if one wants to live the healthy and tension free life and not only it’s beneficial for the body but also for the glowing skin.

Priyadharshini Gandeeban
Mental illness, not a bane

  • Annual health check up must include a test for mental heath too.
  • Government hospitals must have psychiatrist.
  • Offices must be provided with a meditation hall,schools must be provided with a psychiatrist.

Gift Hamper Winners

Adlin Sajeesha
Fitness Challenge
Organizations of schools and colleges can conduct various innovative challenges and competitions for students to brainstorm them with various ideas.

Raahule M
Healthy life via technology
Every school should provide their students with a smart watch which can track the students activity and if the students are found idle for a long time they can be given impositions.

Kalai Selvan
Control Your Brain

  • Activities Between Your Communities,schools and colleges
  • 6 Ways To Train Your Subconscious Mind For Positive Thinking
  • Use law of attraction

Rishikaa Krishna
Mental health is not a joke
The following should be done in both private and GOVT institutions.

  • Colleges/Schools should have a regular concelling sessions for students every month
  • The main motto of this session is telling that it is important to Love themselves.

Saiteja G
TV show and Community tournaments
Television shows were famous people participate in teams to compete in a series of sport events to win ( e.g. American Ninja Warrior, The Titan Games)

Kavithak Jerusalem
Facilitate people to have a healthy body and strong mind to embrace life

  • College & schools should conduct regular counselling sessions for students every month .In young indians more stressed then how to relief the mind stress.
  • In organizations should give employee motivation and arrange weekly vacation or trip should arrange relief the employee mind stress and mingle with our family weekly twice those are solution to overcome the stress control and tackle our health conditions.

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