How can we ensure better employment opportunities for students soon after college graduation?

Most people wish to start building a career soon after graduating from college. How do we ensure those graduates attract good employment opportunities?

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Sanjay Balagopal
“MENTOR MONDAYS” Mentorship Program
A Mentorship Program can be kickstarted in various colleges, in which students are paired with real world entrepreneurs for a 7 – 14 days long time period.

Gift Hamper Winners

Deepika Ramesh
Read and learn more CONCEPTS related to your carrier from e-learning like Udemy, Coursera, SoloLearn etc. Getting certificates from e-learning is also important to hire

Sriram K
Making students multi-talented and rich in multiple skillsets
Create an open forum worldwide dedicated for only students where all kinds of opportunities like conferences, competitions, research grants, courses, scholarships etc. at all level i.e… local , regional , national and international level are posted.

Tamil Selvan T S
Job Finder App
this app will show complete knowledge about that particular job like how the working environment will look like, what work they actually do, the practical knowledge about the job, etc.

Srinivasa Raghavan
Added Options equals Added Opportunities
Colleges have solely focused on sticking to the syllabus. Slightly ease in THE SYLLABUS and add options like commerce, leadership programs, the most basic thing ‘Communication skill development’, real-life scenario tactics like how to face rejection or how to get work done in a difficult work environment, etc.

Kashish Bilandi
During their graduation program, there should be aware of the freelancing kind of work students can do.

Kalai Selvan
Better Employment Opportunity
The college has to give Counselling to students to set a goal, to decide in which line they have to work. Many freshers are getting into the interview without any goals.

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