How can we regulate the traffic in school zones?

Usually, the school junctions are clogged with traffic during the school closing hours. You can witness the Standing of vehicles, children crossing roads, autos being parked haphazardly, and more. How do you make this situation better?

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Saiteja G
Sorting and zoning
The idea is to divide the area or roads around the schools into zones and designating each zone to one particular type of vehicle. Like zones separately for two-wheelers, cars, auto-rickshaws, school vans, and special zones like crossing and non-crossing zones.

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Deepika Ramesh
Parking Zones
The main reason for clogged Traffic is due to the standing of more autos, vans, and vehicles, the school management must give separate “PARKING ZONES” for autos, vans, and vehicles.

Meena Srinivasan
Control traffic by students
Keep traffic control as a club activity. So that the students can easily interact with other students for the awareness of traffic. And we can split week by week

Raahule M
School vehicles zone/change in timings

  • The schools can also use the playgrounds as a place for parking the vehicles
  • Idea is to have separate timings for different grades of students. Since online education is setting in you can also make the students of the lower classes go home fast. And it is only the higher classes that require more attention.

Heena Deora
Appointment of Students as Volunteers
From each class, 2-3 students can be appointed as volunteers. For e.g. Class 11th students can act as volunteers for class 10th, class 10th for class 9th, and so on. The volunteers can be appointed in an alternative manner weekly. This practice will act as a foundation in the minds of students and will be useful in the growing age too.

Hariharan C
Traffic rules in school zone

  • Schools can request the government to construct bridges/subways in the vicinity
  • Schools in the same localities should follow different closing times to avoid road traffic.

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