When an airplane lands at its destination airport, the passengers are in a hurry to leave the plane. As a result, most of them stand at the aisle and wait for the exit door to be unlatched. This behavior is seen in spite of the crew members requesting the passengers to remain seated until instructed.

How do we change the behavior of passengers in an airplane? Ideally, passengers are instructed by the flight crew to exit one row at a time only.

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Haritha H
Idea: Music steps
Place sensors between the seat legs, and a continuous ray is allowed between them. when a passenger interrupts it, a sound is produced in the form of music. According to the seat arrangement, the music is composed. The music can be connected with the door. If the passengers come in the order of their rows, the music plays and the door opens. Thus, passengers must come in line to ensure the music is played continuously and melodiously. Most people will be fond of music.

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Priyadharshini Gandeeban
Add a small game like a random quiz based on seat numbers with a small spin the wheel. This will make the passengers active and make them interactive. The passengers can be made to leave in a progressive order, and this could be controlled by the air hostess with the help of a small keypad.

Deborah Blessy
Automated seat belt
The passengers are bound to the automated seat belt which will only open after the plane lands, and moreover, it will open row by row with a time delay. And for the inconvenience of the passengers to be controlled/bound by the automated seat belt this type of automated seat belt operates only at the last few minutes of the plane landing which can be controlled/accessed by the controller of the cabin.

Vineeth Jayan
Sensing with lock
By keeping a sensor at each row end of a seat with a locked stand like a toll after the front row passengers comes out then automatically next row’s lock should be opened this we will come to know using by that sensor whether the front row passengers have come out or not.

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