A college canteen is often visited and used by students, faculty members, college staff, guests, and more. How do we make their dining experience in a college canteen better?

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Archit Khandelwal
Innovation and Updation
putting a temporary large screen on which students can be shown eating will make them more self-conscious and they themselves will start throwing the garbage into dustbins and cleaning the table the use.

Smriti S
Maintaining Good Consumer Relationship
The secret of success of any shop lies in a good customer relationship. So for a canteen, it should provide its customers with the food of their choice. So let’s ask the customers to select. We can have one cuisine for a week, for example, Karakudi style, Chettinad style, North Indian Style, etc. Then we will have a survey using google forms for the faculty members and the students separately. So apart from the routine food items the top 3 preferred items by the students and the staff respectively (due to the varying opinions of the staff and students) can be given as “The Dish of the week”. Further, we can be open to entries of recipes from the student and the staff’s side, and give small discount offers for the winning recipes, and these recipes can be implemented. Furthermore, we can have a suggestion box for the consumers to feed in their suggestions anonymously.

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Kashish Bilandi
Spin game
For every purchase of at least Rs 200 per person, we can have a spin game which includes cashback offers, chocolate, buy one get one, and different meals or better luck next time. Or there can be a system like a Snapchat streak, the students and faculty members or staff can buy together and form a streak just like via snap in Snapchat, it’ll also make their experience interesting!!

712_ Naveen Kumar.j
Let the Tech do…
The canteens should own an application to order the food. The application should take orders and should be able to manage the money transaction and allocation of tables and seats. Waste Management of food and other materials should be planned with bins. The free wifi ensures a good network for the students to carry out the procedure. And this will definitely result in a smart canteen.

Arathy A
Canteen Cards
College could provide canteen cards, like an ATM card, which students can recharge with money, and when they go to the canteen, every food should have a different swiping machine, which will extract the correct amount of the food eaten, in that manner, students could swipe their food card, get the so and so food for which they used their card and easily get food without much manpower

Deepika Ramesh
Calories Chart
We can interact with more students in the canteen by providing free WiFi. Providing CALORIES CHART with menu cards will impress students and make them to decide what to eat,to make the hungry stomach to fulfill in a good way.

Raahule M
Digital Canteens
With India becoming digital we need to update ourselves as well. There are huge crowds near the token centers in college canteens hence in order to avoid this an app can be developed which allows the students to book the food they need in advance. This will not only reduce the crowds but also will let the canteen employees know the quantity of food to be cooked. Since every student has a smartphone these days booking food shouldn’t be much of an issue. Also, there should be a separate space for eating for those buying food from the canteen and for those bringing food from home. In this way, the canteens will be more orderly and thereby promoting the digital India plan.

Naishna Jp
Use of Mask & Gloves
Use of MASK and GLOVES by canteen members and placing the dustbins a little far.

Rohit Biyani
Mobile App
Canteen having their mobile app. You have to put the location of your canteen on the app and placed the order from there & make an online payment. After that show the payment receipt on the counter and take your food. Also, they can give a discount on doing first payment.

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