How can the govt make our City friendly to Cyclists?

As part of the Smart City intiatives, suggest ways for the Govt to develop cycling infrastructure in our cities and make them cycle-friendly.

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Priyadharshini Gandeeban
Issue License Plates for Bicycles
The first thing to change; is the mentality of people and make them opt for bicycles as a mode of transport. Bicycles can be provided number plates just to give buyers ownership and to make them understand bicycle is aN asset too.

Vaishnavi B
Super Cyc-lanes

  • Installation of water dispensers at every KM distance. A junction with air pump availability
    and water dispensers.
  • Making it mandatory to purchase a helmet with the first bicycle for a person.

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Back to cycling

  • An entire vehicle lockdown can be imposed twice a month. On these two days, only cycles must be allowed on roads. This will encourage more cyclists to come forward and air pollution can be drastically reduced.
  • Cyclathons ( Cycling – marathons ) can be conducted often by the Government, without any age bias. This event will help all groups of people to stay fit and healthy, and in-turn knows the benefits of cycling.

Kalai Selvan
Smart Way

  • The government should consider waiving taxes on cycles that cost less than Rs 5,000 to promote cycle-ownership in the country
  • Design cycles that can more comfortable for every men and women. So that women in sarees and churidar don’t have to hesitate to take the cycles.
  • Create cycle parking near schools, colleges, railway stations, bus stands, etc to use cycles without congestion.

Rohit Biyani
Govt Road Laws

  • When we travel for competition, we carry our cycles on the rack. Make it LEGAL! Or help us understand how to transport our cycles. If not, then put a full stop on the selling of cycle racks for cars.
  • The government can reduce the import duties on import of cycle accessories which aren’t made in India
  • Educate people on importance of using proper safety gear while cycling.

Archit Khandelwal

  • This app will function in the same way any other running or cycling app does. The data saved will then be transferred to the government and by the end of every year, the people shall receive a ‘Carbon Footprint Certificate’ which shall give the number of carbon footprints reduced/ saved by that person, along with a special code. This special code will allow the citizens to enjoy some amount of tax benefit
  • Just like we have a BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System), a CRTS (Cycle Rapid Transit System) should be developed on the roads so that cyclist are safe and can cycle without any hindrances, along with maintaining their speed.
  • The government should establish ‘government cycle shops’ which sell cycles at subsidies rates.

Adlin Sajeesha
Enumeration of wrestler’s squat
A new framework of bicycles could be designed in order to attract all the Youngsters and children to use these bicycles.

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